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The Yard DJ: A Nyce Knightmare

Tonight I am turning up with my church as we celebrate our Pastor - Rev. Dr. Charles Goodman Jr.’s 13th anniversary with Tabernacle Baptist Church. Due to The Rona, the church is hosting a digital party through YouTube Live. The stage is set with the lights and the DJ is on the 1s and 2s and HONEY … our church did not come to play! The DJ is playing all the jams … we’ve rocked with Mary J’s Real Love … Luther Vandross’ All My Love and even some Lil Jon in the mix.

Now please understand … if you are too righteous to join the party then we will holla at you on Sunday. But for the rest of my people singing off key and jammin to the beat, can we do like Tevin Campbell and talk for a minute?

I can’t help but reminisce when I watch this young man DJ. Everyone watching knows him as DJ Knightmare but for me this is my play brother from college. He came to the HBCU of our heart’s desire the Fall of 2006 with a hope and a prayer “Lawd Jesus … please don’t let me end up broke and back in Darien, GA.” Well folks … far from broke and miles away from Darien, DJ Knightmare is doing more than spinning tracks. Besides being the co-owner of a bar and serving as a DJ on a local radio station, he is a reminder to me to be patient.

See, when DJ Knightmare was coming up on the yard, he would vocalize his frustrations to me. “Maaaaan sis … why don’t nobody wanna pay me?” He was tired of doing free gigs for everybody on campus. He not only wanted money but he NEEDED it. I remember this same dude taking a Spring Break trip to Florida with less than $40 in his pocket (ya’ll I was so nervous he wasn’t going to make it back). I would shake my head and tell him to just hold on. It’s coming!

I can remember telling him about a former DJ we had on the yard years ago. He would DJ for every home basketball game on campus, student center/cafe parties, and anywhere else he could plus his speakers up. The campus knew him as Biz and he knew how to control the crowd. The first time I heard Outkast’s Spottieottiedopealicious was at the hands of Biz. As soon as he dropped the track, the entire gym yelled “Damn! Damn! Damn! James ….” Unfortunately, I was seated next to my church-going mother. I just knew she was about to cover my ears but thank ya Jesus she wasn’t paying attention. Whew!

I told him how Biz spent his college years PLAYING FOR THE YARD. Dedicating his service to friends who eventually turned into family. Then BOOM … we turned on the radio and Biz was doing the 5 o’clock drop. Then BOOM AGAIN… he’s the featured DJ at the local clubs. He’s at your wedding. He’s at your cookout. He’s your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. You see Biz (now DJ Greg Nyce) used the yard to cultivate his craft and turn it into something more than a hobby.

Now fast forward. We are in pandemic. The Rona is terrorizing our lives. But who comes in to save the day with a laptop and a fitted cap. The DJ’s from the yard. From DJ Greg Nyce going live on FaceBook and musically influencing us to reminisce about the parties in the café to DJ Knightmare giving a whole community the chance to celebrate with their pastor. Making people smile. Taking all the stress of the world away. Giving a chance to be free … whew … let me stop before I start crying.

I am proud to be the sister of both these men.

The yard brought us together and the music will never let us part.

Ok I gotta go now … he’s playing my favorite song – RETURN OF THE MACK!!!!

DJ Greg Nyce & DJ Knightmare


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