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The Stallion Knees at 33

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday. And while I enjoyed my day of plucking chin hairs and binge watching Netflix specials, I started to reflect on my personal journey to womanhood. You know life hits different after 30. Eyes start getting heavy after 9pm. Your BS meter goes off faster. Your knees won’t allow you to have a hot girl summer. You just accept your lukewarm summer and cheer Meg the Stallion from your comfortable sofa. So as an ode to my ladies over 30, here are the 15 things I know about me at 33 …

1. I can’t do toxic environments. -

Especially a toxic work environment. They make me cuss more than normal and I would like to secure my seat in heaven.

2. I’m smarter than I give myself credit for. - Imposter syndrome is real but it is not permanent. You have the knowledge. You have the experience. And what you do not know, you will learn.

3. I make things look easy. Way too easy. - When you work in your gift, it will make others see you move with ease. Trust me sis … it ain’t that easy … but I make it look good.

4. Burning a bridge can be a good thing - The idea of maintaining a bridge was birthed out of fear. Fear that destroying a relationship could jeopardize future opportunities. But that would also imply that man determines your next move and not God? God doesn’t need a bridge to get you to where he wants you to be. If the bridge connects to toxicity, manipulation or pain … LIGHT IT UP!

5. Death affects me more than I thought - After reflecting on the death of a former student, I recognized the urgency in pushing for change. If you have a dream, wake up and do it.

6. My students are my kids and I don’t play about my kids - Students need more than common core math and science. I love them like they are my own. They can catch this knowledge and these hands.

7. The education system is jacked up - How much time ya’ll got because this may take awhile …

8. Your spouse can drive you insane and be your peace - Married. Business partners and best friends. It takes more than love to make it this far and we have a lifetime to go.

9. Everything good is mixed with Outkast, homecomings and margaritas - PERIOD!

10. Most people talk a good game but they ain’t bout that life - As you get older, you look for actions not words.

11. I will unapologetically live in my truth - Be honest about your thoughts and feelings. Stifling your personality will make others happy and leave you miserable.

12. I can’t afford the real thing but I also can’t afford for my neck to turn green ... keep it if it’s fake - Read between the lines people!!!

13. My mother was my real life Claire Huxtable - My mother’s ability to see the good in everything, stay classy but speak her mind is why I have an affinity with Claire. I could write a whole post about the Claire philosophy … and maybe I will.

14. I’m LEARNING to not care what other people think - God is still working on me.

15. And booooooy when I get #14 down packed, hide ya kids & hide ya wife


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