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Life at 34 - I’m Clever

This is how I look without makeup And with no bra my ninny's sag down low My hair ain't never hung down to my shoulders And it might not grow Ya' never know

But I'm clever when I bust a rhyme I'm cleva always on ya' mind She's cleva and I really want to grow But why come you're the last to know?— Cleva by Erykah Badu

When you get some time, listen to the whole song. Her lyrics insight a sense of reflection. Becoming more aware of my womanhood, motherhood and my “hood hood“ is the type of self exploration I can get into. Here are few thoughts I have discovered about myself as I enter another cypher of life.

  1. Jada, Aventer & Cardi: In a world of entanglements, I can only give one piece of advice ... mind yo business. Today it’s Cardi but tomorrow it can be you.

  2. Speak to the elephant in the room: Holding space with people while not addressing an obvious concern creates chaos within yourself while keeping peace with others. Stop that.

  3. An elastic waist makes me happy: Tell yo momma to suck it in. I need to breathe.

  4. If you can’t hold your liquor then you can’t hold my time: At this age, you should know better. Enough said.

  5. I pay my phone bill: If you pay the bill, then you don’t have to answer the phone. “But what if it is an emergency?!” Try Jesus. Not me.

  6. Healthy work environments exist: If you are choosing to stay in a toxic work environment, then that’s on you. Don’t feed me the bull about your bills or how close you are to retirement. You either enjoy abuse or fear change which brings me to point #7

  7. Freedom is no fear: My parents worry too much. Way too much! Recently, I’ve realized their fears have festered into my anxieties. And I don’t like that. This season I am dedicated to identifying fear and beating her ass. On site!

  8. Erykah Badu is goals: There is no norm to the aurora of Erykah. Her vibe radiates as her personal branding that cannot be changed based on the Eurocentric standards that black women are often pushed towards. Create your vibe.

I am dedicating this next season to creating my vibe & honoring this black girl’s nostalgia. She deserves it.

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