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It's Above Me Now

For those of you who stay abreast with social media, the title of this post is familiar. A brother by the name of Craig Brooks was working his shift at The Holiday Inn in Austin, Texas. A white woman called to place a reservation. Craig informed the woman of the reservation process which requires customers to call the 1-800 number to book a room. Well honey, Miss Thang was not pleased with Craig's response. After attempting to book through the 1-800 number and getting no where, she decided to take her anger out on little ol' Craig who was simply trying to work his shift and collect his coins. So as she spewed her rant onto over her disappointment in attempting to reserve a room, she opened her mouth, stuck out her chest and called Craig (you guessed it) ... a nigger.

So what happens next?

Miss Thang pops up at The Holiday Inn and Craig new it was on like popcorn! He reached down and propped his phone up to record the interaction with the woman. We all know how this COULD HAVE gone down so Craig needed to make sure he had a virtual witness to speak on his behalf. What the woman did not know was that Craig called headquarters before she arrived to report the situation. Headquarters informed him they have a zero tolerance policy for racism and he was within his rights to deny her a room.

The woman let Craig know that she simply needed a room because she was there to attend her mother's funeral. Craig nodded in agreement and informed her there was a nice hotel next door known as the Best Western. Now her energy changes, she becomes so polite and begins to plead for a room like Mary in Bethlehem. She even has her daughter to come in and plead on her behalf. However, Craig stayed planted in his customer service pose armed with a straight face and the blood of Jesus. As the woman continued to ask for a room Craig uttered, "Ma'am it's above me now." And in that moment the entire Black internet hollered. Craig received his instructions from corporate, held his composure and continued to repeat "It's above me now."

See family sometimes you have to know when to turn your problems over to a higher authority. We waste too much time fighting with people who do not love us, caring about what other people have to say or worrying about issues we have no control over. At some point in your blessed life you have to relinquish and let God do the rest because he has the final say. If you think corporate had covered Craig, just imagine what God can do.


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