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Issa Vibe - Summertime

Let’s be honest. Some of us do not enjoy riding on planes (raises hand). The Lord hasn’t heard from you all year but once those wheels go up, you can speak in tongue and say every prayer your Grandma taught you.. Yet, as the summer heat draws near, our tropical itch turns into straight up eczema as we yearn for waves, drinks and relaxation (Oh and if you are suffering eczema, check out … BOMB products! Thank me later sis!)

As we get older, the need to leave home becomes a piece of our self-care routine. Traveling is not rooted in flexing for the gram or whether your body can show proof of that workout routine for your summer swimsuit. It’s about breaking the norm and breathing in new air. Senquoia Chester, a wife and mother 3, knows the advantages of jet setting across the world. As a thirty-something year old queen, she has taken multiple trips to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Beliz and St.Thomas (just to name a few). From growing up in the small rural city of Augusta, Georgia to island excursions and snorkeling in Aruba, she is humbled by the opportunity to travel the world. “It’s awe-inspiring to actually visit places you’ve read about or seen on the internet. To be able to describe how big the Eiffel Tower is to your friends or children. To show photos of how clear the waters are in Aruba, when all you’ve ever seen as a kid were the murky waters of Lake Thurmond. Traveling is a truly humbling and educational experience. You learn so much more from the natives and visiting than any book can teach you.”

We should take a page from Senquoia and Ms. Badu: “I just want a ticket outta town, a look around and a safe touch down.” Embrace new experiences. Reconnect with that black girl magic. Reignite that black boy joy. Traveling issa vibe. Enjoy it!

And what is traveling without some fly clothes? Check out our “Issa Vibe” shirt now available at Buy one for yourself, a friend or for a group. THEN you can go flex on the Gram!


Special love to Senquoia for sparking our travel vibez & being an inspiration to the N'Stylegia family. Follow her @SouthernCharmAUG on Facebook


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