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In Ya Panties

Yes. You read it right. In ya panties ...

I’m sure the title and your curiosity brought you to this blog post. Curiosity is a nice way to say you nosey but nevertheless I’m glad you are here, honey!!!!

Last week, I heard a student giving advice to one of her friends. As she encouraged her to move forward with the final step of handling an unsettled situation, the student exclaimed “You just gotta put your big girl panties on and do it!” The friend, feeling she had completed this task retorted “I HAVE!” And in that moment, Miss Thang came back with the one-two punch for the win. She simply stated “well pull them up then!”

Girl! This touched my soul. I damn near ran out the room. Pull … THEM … UP!

How many times have you started a project but left it unfinished? You begin with the usual task of stepping your right foot through the hole while preparing to balance yourself and get that left foot in. In a regular-degular life, you pull them up and complete the process of getting dressed. But figuratively, we often leave our panties at our ankles and choose to waddle in discomfort versus finishing the job.

Let’s run through a few examples, shall we…

A dream deferred.

You came up with a great idea. You call your homegirls. They bless it. You move on to do the research then 5 months later it’s still an idea with no call to action. Sitting on the mental shelf collecting figurative dust. This is an example of not pulling your panties up. Stop wasting time and put pure intentions and progress behind your thoughts and get it done. (preachin’ to myself on this one)

Standing still.

So you hate your job … you hate your boss … you hate where you live, and you hate your roommate, so I gotta ask sis … why are you still here? Do you like being miserable? Does it feel good to be in a place of digust? Take a moment and equate the metaphorical case of putting on the panties as the process of identifying your troubles while pulling the panties up requires you to get the hell up out of dodge and make somethin' happen captain. You always have the option to do better. Don’t let anything take that decision away from you (especially fear). Either buss a move or wade in discomfort. It’s your choice.

Holding it in.

Now we can look at this in several different ways but ideally it’s all the same. It’s the practice of maintaining peace with others while creating chaos within yourself. Whether it’s holding on to relationships that have expired or remaining silent to avoid confusion, you are only making your bladder weaker and causing an infection forcing the damage to yourself while others walk around blind to your ailments (you like how I tied the urinary track into this post). In this case, putting on the panties is a reflection of deliberately letting go. Understanding that big girls (aka grown women) don’t entertain hopelessness. If it is time to let it go then sing like Elsa (or whatever her name is) and let that thang GO!

When it's all said and done, you've read this post twice AND shared with a friend, are you really ready to pull them up?

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