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3 Reasons Marsai Martin's Response was Clutch

The Bet Awards aired last night. Black Twitter gathered to see how BET execs would pull off a digital awards show in the midst of a pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. We alll had questions. Were they going to plug Miss Cita back in and let her host the show? Were we going to see Beyonce's living room through Zoom? How would the performances go without an audience? Oh yea and it was being aired on CBS ... how would white folks react to Meg tha Stallion knees? Whew! It's too much honey!

But anywho ... the tribes of Wakanda gathered in our individual living rooms to tune in. Unfortunately, members of M'Baku's Jabari tribe showed up to hate and be petty. You know those miserable people who can't find anything nice to say. Yea chile ... they were there. And they did not waste time talking about 15yr old Marsai Martin. Marsai Martin is best known for her role on Black-ish and currently holds the title as the youngest person to produce a film in Hollywood. Baby girl is dope!

Photographer-Jabari Jacobs (Hollywood Reporter)

Apparently, people were not pleased in her wig selection and considered her teeth too big. Marsai was not having it. OH BABY, MARSAI RESPONDED. She gave a heartfelt speech to include wiping her tears with a $100 bill followed by an eye roll, a dash of we have more things to worry about and the finishing touch of "Justice for Breonna"

Let's breakdown how this response was clutch ...

  1. Sometimes you have to respond - Though Michelle said when they go low ... hell yall know the rest ... sometimes you have to to jump down and get eye to eye. In this case, we have to applaud this young black queen for speaking up. She did not allow Twitter fingers to scare her into submission.

  2. Change the narrative - So we are going to talk about hair while Breonna Taylor's killers are still out? Yeaaaaaaaa .... moving on.

  3. Always stay gracious .... best revenge is yo paper - In the end, Marsai will still collect her checks while others hide behind computer screens hoping to point out the flaws in your life and remain clueless about the pot they don't have to piss in.

If you don't have anything nice to say ... at least get money.

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